ब्रेकिंग न्यूज़

The death of Vinod Kumar Verma caused irreparable damage to the journalism world and the Indian Journalist Association.

Karunakar TripathiMay 03, 20210 views

Indian Journalist Association mourns the demise of Vinod Kumar Verma, Bureau Chief of Lakhisarai Dainik Bhaskar.

 Lakhisarai, Bihar.

 Lakhisarai branch district president Sunil Kumar said that
 Vinod Kumar Verma, a respected member of the Indian Journalist Association Lakhisarai and Bureau Chief of Dainik Bhaskar, died from Corona, a condolence meeting will be held on May 4 at the Lakhisarai branch.
 Bihar state president of the organization Ranjit Samrat said that Vinod Kumar Verma was the catalyst for peace, affection and harmony.  Today, he is no more among us.  We are sorry for his death.
 Looks incredible.  But I am silent on his absence.  We spent a long time with each other.  Worked simultaneously on TV channels and print media.  I called him from another institute and made him head of the district office in Dainik Bhaskar.  Worked together for a long time.  That moment can never be forgotten.  When I started leaving Bhaskar, he said why are you leaving.  You will not leave Dainik Bhaskar.  Stopped a lot  But my health was not good.  I left.
 When my health deteriorated, he used to encourage me at my house for hours.
  Many days together will be missed in a moment.  Now it looks like restlessness.  God is not trusted either, yet I pray to the same God of my living friend.  O God, give my dear friend a place at your feet. Give family stamina.
 At the same time, former District President of the organization Manoj Kumar has expressed deep condolences.
 Several journalists, including General Secretary of the organization Rajesh Kumar, Dev Kumar, Ramayan Singh Rajput, Santosh Pandey, Amlesh Pandey, Vishwanath Gupta, Sudhakar Pandey, Umashankar Sinha, Kumar Himanshu, Chandan Mishra, Santosh Gupta, Chand Kishore Yadav, Vinay Kumar among others  But deepest condolences have been expressed.



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